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Invisible City series, 2006

Departing from the surrounding urban environment, the real is distorted through an experimental process using a scanner. The large black and white photographs evoke more than they show, and the unexpected architectures locate us somewhere in between dream, virtuality, nostalgia and timelessness.

Inspired by the creative freedom of Moholy-Nagy's photograms, the surrealist unconscious and modernist architecture, these photographs of imaginary places resonate with the experimentalism of the early twentieth century avant-garde's, are a plea for subjectivity, randomness, and a challenge to see the world in different ways.
The city is here a metaphor for thinking and walking is part of the conceptual process.  Engaging in a city's derive, I found and chose the material architectural features with potential for metaphor and abstraction.

The printed pictures were then cut, superimposed, dragged and shifted at different speeds with differing emphasis on the scanning bed. Taking advantage of the device’s surface, light and movement, the frame is fluidly defined and the image distorted. The results can be anticipated and improved, but the unpredictable is deliberately assimilated. This digital but organic process of painting with light dissolves the boundaries between actual and virtual, real and imaginary.

Using the city to escape the city, in the same way that reality stimulates dreams, the gaze is invited to look through windows and doors left ajar and the mind to traverse its own passages and labyrinths. This subtle intervention on architecture and urban space, draws a fluid abstract world of imperfect lines, irrational perspectives and multiple view points, which somehow evokes tangible spaces and memories.


Technical Specifications:
Scannogram, Lambda Print
Mounted on Aluminium
Variable dimensions
Edition of 7 + 2AP's


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